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HP Composites is a business enterprise producing top class carbonfiber parts, with its core business based on the automotive market.

Its strengths consist in an experienced staff of people coming from a territory historically involved in such industry; the whole product life-cycle is managed in-house to guarantee fast and reliable response of processes.

Last, but not least, the initiative is sustained in terms of support and direct investments by local institutes and organizations.

Perfect partner

HP Composites is the ideal partner for advanced composite materials productions, managing the whole process and handling different technologies for all kinds of application.

All the employees boast proven skills in composites world and have been involved in the most important milestones of carbonfiber supercars, both for racing and series production.

A brighter future arises from a glorious past: the considerable experience collected managing complex industrial processes qualifies HP Composites as a TOP PLAYER for the fast growing demand of composites on global market.


HP Composites is an ideal partner for advanced composite materials production.

Our goal is to improve our leader position of composites materials and technologies and to be a forerunner of human changes by producing increasingly lighter and even more efficient components.

We want to grow into the mass production market and increase the technology study so as to become huge expert composites producer in the world.


The composites market will grow exponentially and we are preparing to face it with the insertion and the study of new technologies.

Our mission is conceive and produce increasingly efficient materials and implement innovative technologies with the support of R&D department.